IFDC FileGate Project

IFDC FileGate Project Frequently Asked Questions:

Copyright 1994-2003 by Janis Kracht on behalf of the
IFDC FileGate Project (service mark)

Distribution: This file may be released via any means to anyone interested in the IFDC FileGate Project.

  The following topics are covered in this FAQ.  If you have any
  other questions, feel free to contact Janis Kracht.


What is the IFDC FileGate Project?

   The IFDC FileGate Project is a free distribution system, which
   delivers over 30 megabytes of shareware and freeware files a day
   to main distribution systems all over the world, at no cost for
   the receiving system.

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How did the IFDC FileGate Start?

  Originally the brainchild of Terence Milbourn, Ray Kaliss and Janis Kracht,
  the FileGate project was first meant to link the United States and the
  United Kingdom by having U.S.Robotics(c) pick up files in North America and
  having U.S.Robotics(c) deliver them to the United Kingdom.  Further
  international distribution was developed by Janis Kracht,
  International Coordinator of the Programmers Distribution Network,
  and Adam Strack of U.S.Robotics, USA, as an outgrowth of the success of the
  US <-> UK connection.

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What is the purpose of the IFDC FileGate Project?

   The purpose of the FileGate Project is to make shareware and
   freeware files available to end-users and bulletin board systems

   There are a number of file distribution schemes for getting
   files into the hands of end-users.  Each of these schemes has
   communities of users it serves well, and each has communites of
   users it misses completely.  The IFDC FileGate came into being
   not to compete with these distribution methods, but to feed
   files into all of these channels and to widen that distribution
   throughout the world.

   We wanted Authors to know that they could expect to receive the
   benefits of each of the distribution schemes, and because of the
   variety of distribution schemes, to be protected from the
   limitations of any one scheme.  We also wanted FDN Coordinators,
   hobbyists who collect and organize files, to be able to
   concentrate on finding high quality files and to be free of the
   concerns, inherent in the distribution of those files.  This is
   accomplished collecting various fdn files at one location via the
   internet and other means, and feeding them to a number of HUBs and
   other distribution systems at no cost to the receiving system.

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Where do the Files Come From?

   There are a number of File Distribution Networks (FDNs) In North
   America and in Europe, as well as in many other places in the
   world. A File Distribution Network Coordinator collects and
   organizes the files he or she finds.

   The FileGate system, set up by Janis Kracht,  allows
   coordinators to drop off files they have collected via ftp or
   binkp/binkd protocols.  Please contact Janis Kracht if Internet 
   availability is not possible for your FDN. (See FDNINFO.FAQ).

   Our FileGate system at 1:261/38 collects files which the FDN coordinators
   have collected from various sources.
   Some of the sources are author-direct, i.e., some of the authors
   drop their files off on the FDNs' BBS, some  use internet techology,
   and some use FidoNet Technology.  Some of the FDNs have gotten 
   permission from authors to pick up the authors' files at various
   sources so that they may be distributed.

   IFDC FileGate FDNs include an archive comment in the file header of
   the files distributed, which states where information regarding the
   IFDC FileGate may be obtained. The archive comment does not harm or
   change the internal contents of the archive.

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Who Pays for Distribution to the International FileGate sites?

   Originally, U.S.Robotics(c) picked up and delivered all file traffic and
   distributed the FileGate traffic to member systems. This sponsorship
   allowed the FileGate to grow over the last 8 years.  With internet
   accessability at the top level and fast transfer methods which are
   available at reasonable cost, the main FileGate system has moved to
   1:261/38. After the files are collected, they are then delivered to
   main sites by the FileGate system or via ftp pickup by FileGate hubs.

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Who receives the Files from the IFDC FileGate Project?"

   The IFDC FileGate Project delivers files, at no cost, to main
   sites called SuperSites, located on 6 of the 7 major continents
   (there are actually two sites in Europe, one in mainland Europe
   and two in the UK), a number of IFDC FileGate HUBs located in
   North America, as well as to other distribution systems such as
   file and messsage echo distribution services available via the 
   internet to those who have internet access and throughout 
   Files are also delivered to the FileGate's 
   main Archive site at filegate.net and  the Internet for either account 
   download, or  anonymous ftp/www download.

   The links to the FileGate continue to grow as more and more
   systems hook into existing SuperSites world-wide where for one
   reason or another, connections to other sources is too costly, or
   inefficient, or non-existant.

   Currently, the IFDC FileGate Project reaches the following Main
   sites and HUBs:

%                  * International HUB/SuperSite Map *
%                 IFDC FileGate Project  May, 2002
% -------------------------------------------------------------------------
%          * North American HUBs/Connected Sites *:
% 1:261/38    * Zone 1  Main Site             Windsor, NY *
% |
% |            * Zone 1 FileGate HUBs *
% |
% |-> 1:14/200       Phil Kimble               Junction City, KS
% |-> 1:18/500       Ross Cassell              Spartanburg, SC
% |-> 1:106/2000     Bob Juge                  Sugar_Land, TX
% |-<>1:120/228      Don Plesky   ADS          Eastpointe, MI
% |-<>1:124/7013     Bryan Turner APG          Dallas, TX.
% |-> 1:140/1        Bob Seaborn               Saskatchewan, CA
%     |- 1:106/6018  Lawrence Garvin           Houston Texas
% |-> 1:167/219      Stephane Garceau          Montreal Quebec
% |-> 1:229/1000     Frank Linhares            Mississauga, ON
% |
% |              * Connected sites *
% |           
% |->  1:123/450     Donald Tidmore  Camelot   Tuscumbia, Alabama
% |->  1:153/757     Alan Ianson     DGN       Vancouver_BC
% |->  1:109/921     Andy Roberts              Luray, VA
% |->  ??            Byron Armstrong           San Antonio TX
% |-<>1:393/68       Ben Ritchey  BFDS AV NASA Lafayette, LA
%       |-3:800/455  Gary Laming 
%       |-2:250/333.7 Geoff Bent
% |-> 1:2600/290     Bob Hotte                 Dover, DE
% |-> 1:2613/118     Tom Leschander            Rochest, NY
% |-> 2:222/2        Kim Heino                 Turku, Finland
% |-<> 2:263/950     Sean Rima    R50          Tully Connemara, Ireland
% |
% |            * Zone 2, European SuperSites       United Kingdom *
% |->  2:257/609, Vincent Coen                   Roydon Essex, England
% |
% |            * Zone 2, European SuperSite        Netherlands*
% |->  2:280/1027 Lukas Degroen                  Dordrecht, NL
% |
% |            * Zone 2, European SuperSite        Spain
% |->  2:341/14   Rafael Suarez                  Madrid, Spain
% |
% |            * Zone 3, Australian SuperSite      Australia *
% |->  3:633/260 Malcolm Miles                   North Balwyn, AUS.
% | 
% |            * Zone 3, New Zealand SuperSite     New Zealand *
% |->  3:774/605      Barry Blackford            North Island, NZ.
% |
% |            * Zone 4,  South American SuperSite *
% |->  SuperSite Needed - email janis@filegate.net
% |
% |            *  Zone 5, South African SuperSite,  South Africa *
% |-   5:7802/111  Joe Rink,                     Cape Town, S.A.
% |
% |            *  Zone 6, Asian SuperSite,          Philippines *
% |->  6:751/321      Terry Roati                Makati City, Philippines
% |
% |            *  Asian SuperSite, Mainland China*
% |-   SuperSite coming soon.
% |
%           telnet: filegate.net 
%           Email: janis@filegate.net
%           www:   http://www.filegate.net/
%           ftp:   ftp.filegate.net/pub/
%       web bbs:   http://filegate.net:8080/
%             FTP/WWW Free Access Sites for FileGate files:
% Type:   Site:                        Location:
% -------------------------------------------------------
%  FTP  ftp.filegate.net               Windsor, NY, USA
%  FTP  ftp.dreamlandbbs.com       Dordrecht, The Netherlands
%  WWW  http://www.filegate.net/          Windsor, NY, USA
%  WWW  http://www.dreamlandbbs.com       Dordrecht, The Netherlands
% Mirrors in the works:
%   =-=- Michael Alyn Miller - site being developed currently

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What kinds of Shareware and Freeware Software does the IFDC FileGate distribute?

There are a wide variety of files on the IFDC FileGate.  Among the FDNs
participating are the following:
  • Apogee FDN
  • Argus FDN
  • BBBS File Distribution Network (BBBS FDN)
  • BeeMail Mailer FDN
  • Camelot Door Network
  • CBMCommodore FDN
  • ChessFile Distribution Network
  • CookFile Distribution Network
  • DGNDoor File Network
  • FernwoodOS/2 Files
  • FGPCBoardFileGate PCBoard File Distribution Network
  • FileGate Project(sm) Info files
  • FS - Current Flight Simulation files
  • FSFAN - Older Flight Simulation files
  • GamesNet International
  • GoldEd File Distribution Network
  • HAM File Distribution Network
  • IPFN I-Nodelist FDN
  • IREX, Internet Rex FDN
  • Linux-User FDN: Help files for new linux users
  • MAX Fdn - The Maximus File Distribution Network
  • MBSE BBS MBSE BBS for unix/linux
  • Mystic BBS Mystic BBSFDN
  • NASA Space and Science files
  • PASCAL-Net Pascal programming
  • PDN The Programmers Distribution Network
  • PERL FDNPerl File Distribution Network (PerlNet)
  • PKWARE PKWare products FDN
  • TGPBNThe Global Proboard Network 
  • R50 Region50 (Russia) File Distribution Network
  • RGSNet - The Renegade Support Network
  • Sunrise Al Lawrence's Sunrise doors for DOS and WinServer
  • STN SysOp's TECH Net FDN
  • Syncronet BBS
  • T-MAIL - T-Mail Mailer for OS/2 and DOS
  • TERMINATE File Distribution Network
  • UtilNet Utilities for Everyone
  • Anti-Virus FDN: Anti-Virus files
  • WCAT Wildcat! File Network
  • Win-FDN - The Windows File Distribution Network Please see filegate.zxx for a current listing of member FDNs.
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    How can my software be distributed?

    How to Upload

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    Related FAQ and Info Files:

       For a complete File Echo Tag list in RAID Format, please file
       request FILEGATE.ZXX from 1:261/38.
       Magic name: ECHOS
       The Policy document for the IFDC FileGate Project (sm) is contained
       in FGPOL006.TXT
       For information on how to get your FDN distributed on the IFDC
       FileGate, file request FDNINFO.ZIP
       Magic Name: FDNINFO

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    Internet access to IFDC FileGate Files:

       All IFDC FileGate files are available via anonymous ftp/www at:
     WWW:    http://www.filegate.net/ (ADSL)
     FTP:    ftp.filegate.net
    Presently, we are looking systems to act as HUBs in all zones. If
    you are interested in picking up IFDC FileGate Files, kindly
    contact Janis Kracht  here, or the SuperSite in
    your Zone.
    We are also looking for new FDNs to join the FileGate Project in
    Zones 1-6.  If you are interested in having your FDN distributed
    by the IFDC FileGate, file request FDNINFO.ZIP from the address below,
    or the SuperSite in your Zone, or contact me via the internet, or FidoNet.
    IFDC FileGate Project  IFDC FileGate International Coordinator:  Janis Kracht BBS/FAX: (607)655-5652  V.Everything      E-Mail:   janis@filegate.net Web:           http://www.filegate.net/ Web bbs:  http://filegate.net:8080 Telnet bbs: telnet://filegate.net

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